About the Author
David Johnston

I was born in Prince George County, Virginia, on July 28, 1954. I grew up in Richmond, Virginia. I went to Highland Springs High School and graduated in 1974. I joined the navy in 1975 and left in 1977, which is two years later. I worked in Drywall Construction Trade for thirty years. I attended technical schools of electronics in Cleveland Institute of Electronics—a home study course where I got a two-year diploma.


About the Book

I started to write because of reoccurring memories. I work all day, and I could not shut my mind down. All my memories from childhood kept coming back while I wanted to rest. My inner voice is talking to me, which made me decide to write words down. I decided to put them in writing for others to relate to. That served as an inspiration for me to write poems and come up with the title “Mental and Spiritual Healing.”


Prophet in our Midst